Modern contemporary defines this home’s landscape. With the square architectural slabs and linear design, the modern farmhouse architecture is reflected in the landscape. The statement design feature of this project is the boulder firepit sitting within the architectural slabs offering a natural element to the very linear design. The architectural slabs were strategically cut to allow this large fire pit to sit in the center of this area leaving sufficient space for seating around it. The precise installation of this fire pit allows a seamless transition from the architectural slabs to the boulders with the lawn growing between each slab which will converge with the moss planted around each boulder. The lawn which was designed to mirror the edges of the hardscape is juxtaposed with a more natural layout of low plantings which visually integrates naturally with the rolling hills of the golf course and the tall evergreens in the background. Within the design, we included several boulders to complement the boulder fire pit and provide additional natural elements to the landscape. The same formal landscape layout is seen in the front of the home, however, several tall evergreen trees and a statement Japanese Maple area are included throughout for privacy and to provide a vertical element to contrast to the tall and white exterior walls of the home. This design demonstrated that elements of modern and natural or informal design can be integrated together in a landscape.


Features included in this project: