As a relatively young company, GRO strongly values employee commitment and encourages the team to make GRO a long-term career choice.  It was with great pleasure that we honored Jeronimo Cerda Del Toro with a 7 night Disneyland vacation in recognition for 15 years of dedicated service.  The award, presented by Rob Kyne was especially noteworthy, because Jeronimo was Rob’s first employee in 2002, prior to founding GRO Outdoor Living in 2010 with Garret Hergert.

The moment was touching for everyone involved, as it is special to see such dedication and commitment, along with mutual respect, between a business owner and an employee.

Jeronimo was also awarded with Employee of the Month for his work ethic, professionalism, quality of service and commitment to customer satisfaction.  The Runner-up, Candido Martinez Zavala, was nominated for his professionalism, commitment to safety and overall friendliness.  Both received coveted parking spots for the next month.  Congratulations!

Employee of the Month, Jeronimo Cerda Del Toro (above)

Runner-up, Candido Martinez Zavala (above)

As the meeting was concluding, we were abruptly interrupted by cowboys celebrating Veinticinco de Mayo!  Who do these cowboys think they are?  Although loud and somewhat uncouth, these cowboys brought breakfast burritos for the team, so all was forgiven.

With full bellies and lots of laughter, the team headed out into the field to make beautiful landscapes for the Vancouver and Portland Metro markets.

Thank you to the entire team for working so hard and for being the very best in the landscaping industry.  Our employees make GRO a great place to be.