Irrigation System Installation, Maintenance and Repair

GRO Outdoor Living offers irrigation system installation, maintenance, and repair services for residents and businesses throughout the Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR area. Efficiently managing the watering and irrigation of your landscapes will save you water and money. GRO’s irrigation technicians can help plan the right solution for you and provide the best system to meet your needs. Contact us for a free consultation.

Efficient Irrigation Systems

Advances in technology have created smarter and more efficient irrigation systems. By installing weather smart irrigation controllers to manage your irrigation efficiently, you’ll reduce water waste. These controllers will automatically operate sprinklers and drip irrigation, making watering your landscape a breeze. They can be set for optimal watering by controlling start and end times as well as the frequency which prevents over watering. Adjusting these irrigation schedules to match the seasons will also give you the most efficiency in your irrigation system.

Irrigation System Maintenance and Repair

Having a dedicated service professional will give you peace of mind.  If a problem arises, A GRO irrigation technician can evaluate your situation and repair any issues in your irrigation system.  We can also set up a seasonal maintenance schedule to ensure optimal performance of your systems and promote the health of your landscape year-round.

If you have an older system or looking to utilize the latest irrigation technology, our experienced irrigation technicians can upgrade your current system. By using the proper irrigation products and keeping them well maintained, you can keep your landscapes looking fabulous while saving on your water bill.

Interested in getting the best out of your lawn? Schedule a free consultation today.