After working so many long days over the course of the spring and summer and with cold weather upon us, GRO wanted to show some appreciation to the team that has put in so many dedicated hours.  Everyone enjoyed a nice meal, complete with breakfast burritos and fruit to power through the day.

Following the announcement of the Employee of the Month, Candido Zavala, and recognizing several employees for the multitude of compliments received from our customers, we had a little fun!

Our Senior Accountant, Brian Vandenburg, lacking a sweatshirt, came out in multiple layers necessitated by the dropping fall temperatures.  In desperate need to of a sweatshirt, owner Garret Hergert, offered him a GRO hoodie to stay warm, which he gladly accepted.

After a few laughs over Brian’s choice in apparel, the entire team was presented with GRO hoodies, so they could stay warm this fall and winter.  The team looks sharp in their new hoodies!