On the Edge

Behind the Scenes

What began as a drawing on a napkin with a sharpie by GRO’s CXO, evolved into an entire transformation of the landscape and exterior of the home. Before working with GRO, the client sought quotes by multiple contractors that either failed to follow through or claimed the project could not be done due to the storm water facility existing at the bottom of severely sloped land. The significant slopes in the backyard and along the sides of the home, required us to bring in Geotech and Structural Engineers. With a pool and sport court in the scope of work, significant attention had to be taken to address these slopes and the need for an extensive retaining wall system. A 13’ retaining wall along the south property wraps around the sides of the property and progresses up the slope supporting the entire backyard renovation including the pool. As the walls and footings progress up the slope with a profile resembling a staircase, these side yards were transformed into functional spaces to support stairs on the west side and a gradually descending path on the east side overall providing full accessibility between all exterior areas of the home.