Meet GRO’s Design Team!

The design division at GRO Outdoor Living provides landscape architectural design services for all project types, starting with conceptual designs through the permitting process to installation. Our team has perfected our design process to ensure communication and feedback between the designer and the client. All of our design team members are licensed landscape architects. They each possess a wide range of skills, from incredible hand drawing and 3D visualization abilities to a detailed understanding of jurisdiction and project parameters.

Chris Baumann, Director of Design for GRO, has over 30 years of landscape architectural and planning experience in both the public and private sector on projects throughout California, Oregon, and Washington. He received his degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of California, Davis and has his landscape architecture license in California, Michigan, Oregon, and Washington. His expertise encompass a detailed understanding of federal, state, and local jurisdictional building land use requirements and how they pertain to designing and constructing a successful project. This experience allows for innovative, yet practical designs.

Hana Adamko, GRO’s Design Lead, has over 30 years of experience from both her private business and landscape architectural firms based in California and Washington. She has a degree in Landscape Engineering from the University of Agriculture and Forestry in Brno, Czech Republic. She holds her landscape architecture license in Washington. Hana has a gift for using architectural elements and hardscapes to establish a theme to develop a unique design statement. Her visualization along with strong hand drawing, rendering, and presentation skills allow her to depict not only the functionality of the design, but also the beauty and harmony of the design with the natural environment.

Julia Dahlgren is the Junior Designer at GRO. She received her landscape architecture degree from University of California, Davis. She is currently working towards getting licensed as a landscape architect in Oregon and Washington. Before joining the team at GRO, Julia had the opportunity to work on several landscape architecture projects, including: a design charrette that focused on redesigning the Capitol Mall in downtown Sacramento and a senior project that designed urban agriculture models that could alleviate malnutrition and poverty. She also interned at Walt Disney World in the Horticulture Department, where she worked on landscapes throughout the Epcot region of the park. Julie currently works on a variety of projects, including designing plans for housing developments designing 3D models for clients.

As licensed landscape architects and experts in their field, our design team members are skilled in transforming outdoor spaces.

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