The textures and materials tie this modern design together. The focal point of the entry of the home is a large scale basalt water feature which also serves as a focal point for the home’s office along with a large Japanese Maple located on the side of the home adding more visual interest. The large formal pavers leading to the entry were placed offset to each other complementing the modern architecture of the home. The client had requested a water and fire combination feature in the design which from this inspiration emerged the backyard water feature. This custom water feature in the backyard includes a boulder spilling water into river rock with a fire feature located in the center of it. The cut stone around the water feature set at the level of the patio adds another natural element to this design.

The use of natural materials in an otherwise modern design, creates cohesion with the Pacific Northwest landscape while adding more formal contemporary elements. Steel raised beds with slate inserts were installed along the east side of the backyard with large corten steel planters in the background which will change color over time to its striking rust brown color and texture each planted with a Laceleaf Elderberry. Behind these planters, sit 8’x8’ large lattices providing privacy and a vertical element to this side of the garden. A turf block driveway was installed for easy golf course access from the garage. With a simple and practical overall landscape layout, this design becomes distinguishable through its statement structural features including the entry walkway structure connecting the driveway to the front door. These structural pieces made of Pacific Northwest sourced materials complement the architecture of the home and selected materials.