Tree Removal


GRO Outdoor Living is a full service landscaping company providing tree removal, tree trimming, stump grinding and more. Our certified arborists are committed to providing both commercial and residential clients in the greater Vancouver, WA & Portland, OR area with high quality and professional tree removal techniques.

GRO would like to save the tree if possible however, removing a tree is needed when a tree is dead or dying, infected with a disease, hazardous to a building, crowding or causing harm to other plants or trees. Our team of arborists can help determine if a tree removal is needed or if another service can solve the problem.

Tree removal is very dangerous regardless of the tactic used to remove the tree. Lifting, lowering, and sliding sections of the tree with complex rigging while keeping both people and property safe requires an experienced crew, proper equipment, and a certified arborist. Tactics can include:

Standard Tree Removal

Basic tree remove involves the GRO Outdoor Living tree team to cut down the tree and dispose of the limbs. We will also cut the stumps into 12-16″ lengths that can be used for firewood. These pieces of wood will be left on site or for an additional, these firewood pieces could be removed.

Down-Only Tree Cutting

If you have a tree in your yard that you want cut down but do not need help removing it, GRO can help. A down-only tree service involves our team or certified arborists coming to your location and safely cutting the tree down but not removing it from your location. Depending on the tree, this can be done by cutting the tree down in one piece or in multiple pieces. Our team does not cleanup, cut firewood, or remove limbs for this service.

Low-Impact Tree Removal

Low-impact tree removal is the process of removing a tree from your yard while leaving little damage to the area.  This often requires the use of a crane to lower the cut tree pieces to the ground. Our team will then remove each piece of the tree from the site in smaller sections to avoid damage to your lawn by dragging the log or limbs.

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